P A P E R , S C I S S O R S , R O C K !

The Otto Mathé Bus

We are very excited to be able to share with you a model we have had under wraps for several years. 

The Otto Mathé Bus forms part of the permanent exhibition at Hamburg's 'Prototyp Museum' detailing the life story of designer, racing driver and all-round legend, Otto Mathé.

prototyp museum

After a serious accident cut short his motorcycle racing career he went back to design, amongst other things, his own Wankel engine years before anyone else.

Eager to get back to racing he started competing in his 'Porsche ancestor' (Porsche Type 64) defeating world-famous professional racers before switching to his self-designed and built “Fetzenflieger” In 1952.

Otto Mathé participated in twenty car races and won all twenty - with one arm.

This Bus supported him throughout his journey.